2-In-1 His & Hers (25mL / 25mL)

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The 2-in-1 Collection feature some of the most popular SwissNavy® premium lubricants and arousal gels, side by side, in a unique patented dual-accuator dispenser.

2-in-1 HIS & HERS Stimulating Gels for Couples

With SwissNavy® , there is no more fumbling around for a couple of bottles when you're ready to go. The 2-in-1 dual pump conveniently puts both powerful enhancement for him and stimulating arousal for her right in one hand. Contains 25ml of each gel.

HIS is a rare blend of herbal extracts designed to maximize pleasure while increasing stamina and overall performance.

HERS s a comprehensive herbal gel formulated to promote sexual arousal and pleasure with a warming/cooling, tingling sensation.