Masturbation Cream (150ml)

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Q. What is Swiss Navy¨ Premium Cream Lube?

A. Swiss Navy¨ Premium Masturbation Cream is a silky smooth cream lubricant created specifically for masturbation. Swiss Navy¨ Masturbation Cream does not leave a greasy feel even though it is oil and silicone based. It is a thick cream that melts with each stroke, providing the proper amount of friction. The skin if left with a smooth, velvety finish.

Q. Is it safe to use with condoms and toys? Are they edible?

A. Swiss Navy¨ Premium Masturbation Cream is oil and silicone based so it is not condom compatible. It is safe to use with toys that are compatible with silicone and is ingestible, if desired.

Q. Is Swiss Navy¨ Premium Cream Lube safe to use if I have a medical condition?

A. We recommend that anyone with medical questions or concerns should consult their doctor before using any of our products but generally the product is safe as long as sexual activity is safe.

  •   Great for masturbation
  •   Starts thick and Liquifies
  •   Sleek high-end discreet packaging

Recommended for Masturbation Arousal and Sex cream lubricant

Not condom compatible